SCAJ PAC Financial Contributors

Circle Of Advocates

O. Fayrell Furr, Jr.
Motley Rice, LLC
Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth & Detrick

President’s Circle

George A. Sink, PA, Injury Lawyers
Ronald A. Maxwell
McGowan, Hood & Felder
McWhirter, Bellinger & Associates
Richardson , Patrick, Westbrook  & Brickman, LLC

Trustee’s Circle

Harbin & Burnett, LLP
Jebaily Law Firm
Joye Law Firm

Rosen, Rosen & Hagood
S. Kirk Morgan, Jr.

Patron’s Circle

W. Andrew Arnold
Beattie B. Ashmore
Keith Babcock

Ryan L. Beasley
Kenneth E. Berger

Mark S. Berglind
Bradley W. Bledsoe
Brian Boger
Braddock Law Firm

Bryan Law Firm
Jeffrey W. Buncher, Jr.
Jennifer Burnett
Shane M. Burroughs
Andrew W. Creech
Thomas M. Creech
Stephen F. DeAntonio
Kevin Dean

Susan Dunn
John D. Elliott
Frank L. Eppes

Nate Fata
James W. Fayssoux, Jr.
John G. Felder, Jr.

Cory H. Fleming
John Eric Fulda
Chad William Fuller
E. Paul Gibson
Michael Goldberg
Steven Goldberg
Russell F. Guest
Daniel Haltiwanger
W. Jonathan Harling
James F. Hartman, III
Daryl Hawkins
Punky Holler
Richard Hricik
Michael R. Jeffcoat
Rodney C. Jernigan, Jr.
Todd J. Johnson

Ashby Lawton Jones
Gerlad D. Jowers, Jr.
John D. Kassel
Thomas A. Killoren, Jr.
Jimmy R. King

Patrick E. Knie
Steven M. Krause
Lewis C. Lanier
John M. Leiter
Lionel S. Lofton
Daniel W. Luginbill
Margie Bright Matthews
W. Hugh McAngus, Jr.

J. Richards McCrae, III
J. Olin McDougall
John Francis McKenzie

Ryan A. McLeod
Theile B. McVey
Donald Migliori
Floyd S. Mills, III

Cody T. Mitchell
Ryan S. Montgomery
Moore Taylor Law Firm

Pamela R. Mullis
Samantha P. Nelson

Mitchell A. Norrell
Eric H. Philpot
Irvin H. Philpot, III
Bobby O. Phipps, Jr.
Venus S. Poe
Andrew N. Poliakoff
Gary W. Poliakoff
Christopher Pracht
David R. Price, Jr.
John H. Price, Jr.
Andrew S. Radeker
Bryan Ramey

Gerald E. Reardon
Stephen B. Samuels
Donald L. Smith
Carl L. Solomon
Alexander R. Stalvey
Heather Hite Stone

Brady R. Thomas
Alan D. Toporek
Ernest C. Trammell
Roy N. Trammell

Twenge + Twombley Law Firm
Tabor Vaux
Daniel R. Williams
David B. Yarborough, Jr.
J. Rutledge Young

Twana Burris
Nicholas J. Clekis

Alan R. Cochran
Badge Humphries
Pamela Secrest


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SCAJ PAC works to preserve the right to a jury trial in civil litigation by supporting the campaigns of friends of the civil justice system who are running for office in the South Carolina Senate and the South Carolina House of Representatives.

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The South Carolina Association for Justice (SCAJ) was founded over 50 years ago by a small group of trial lawyers. Since then, our mission has been to serve our members and those we are sworn to protect.  We work to uphold and defend the constitutions of our state and nation. We fight tirelessly to protect the rights of the individual; to seek justice through open and fair courtrooms; to resist unjust laws; to support policies that hold wrongdoers accountable; to strengthen the civil justice system through education; and to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in the legal profession.

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