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Winter 2021

A Mediator's Thoughts - By Christopher J. Daniels
Discovering and Litigating: The Case Against the Drug-Impaired Driver in Trucking Cases - By  Frederick “Rick” I. Hall, III
Medical Malpractice Trials in the COVID Era - By Christina R. Hedges

Summer 2020

8 Reasons Good Attorneys Lose Medical Malpractice Cases:  A Litigation Nurse's Perspective - By Christina R. Hedges
Now is the Time:  An Inflection Point to Equal Justice - By Luther J. Battiste, III
Presenting and Arguing Non-Economic Damages in Spine Injury Trials by Mark Bringardner


Spring 2020

The Inadequacy of Workers' Comp William L. Smith, II
Maybank Mahem: The Emboldened Defense Bar Takes Maybank v. Sentry Select Too Far. Melissa G. Mosier
Plaintiffs' Offers of Judgement in Federal Diversity Cases Governed by South Carolina Substantive Law Bert G. Utsey, III

Fall 2019

Depositions Mary Ann Ridenour
E-Cigarette Litigation: A Repeat Performance? Maggie R. Chappell and Graham L. Newman
Freedom of the Press: The Cornerstone of a Democracy Frank Hartman

The Sea of Ethics J. Mark Hayes, II, Circuit Court Judge

Summer 2019

Reflections of a Trial Lawyer: On Winning and Losing Ken Suggs
10 Things to Know About Social Security Stacy Thompson
Responding to the "This Never Happened Before" Defense Eddie Schmidt

Winter 2019

Indictment Sufficiency in Delayed Disclosure Child Abuse Sam Tooker

Pre-Litigation Discovery Techniques to Maximize Pre-Suit Settlement Demands Michael Melonakos

Tips From the Other Side Samuel R. Clawson, Jr. and Christy R. Fargnoli

Fall 2018

"Ordinary" Errors in Extraordinary Settings Jordan Callaway and John G. Felder, Jr.
How to Screen Law Enforcement and Inmate Cases Kyle White
Judge Hayes Receives the 2018 Outstanding Contribution to Justice Award


Spring 2018

Preparing Clients for an Effective Deposition James Wood
How to Avoid Common Ethics Mistakes When Using Social Media for Law Firm Marketing Stephen Fairley
Ten Things Every South Carolina Family Law Practitioner Should Know About the Recent Tax Law Change Richard T. Livingston, CPA/CFE, CFE, CVA, Director, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLPE

How to Use Theater Techniques to Reach Juries Stephanie Francis Ward

Winter 2018

Breast Implants and Cancer: A Gathering Storm Graham Newman
Improperly Installed Tires and Water on the Roadway: A Dangerous Combination Ronnie L. Crosby and William F. Barnes, III
Another Tool in the Toolbox: The Uses and Limitations of Offers of Judgement David Price

Fall 2017

Put Some Bite In Your Practice: An Introduction to Dental Malpractice Wes B. Allison and Justin S. Kahn
The South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney's Guide to Employment Law David A. Nauheim
Depositions: Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them Ken Suggs

5 Tips For When Life is Suddenly F'd Up Ashby Lawton Jones

Spring/Summer 2017

Why Medical Mass Torts are Good for America Donald A. Migliori
The Trucking Company's Rapid Response Team Mark Joye & Mark J. Bringardner
Rule 26(b)(1): One Year Later Altom M. Maglio & Jessica Olins
SCAJ In Action: Family of Injured City of Dillon Police Officer and SCAJ Pave Way for Passage of Dram Shop Bill

Winter 2017
Jury Practice in Post-Truth America: A Cautionary Tale Richard A. Harpootlian & Christopher P. Kenney
The Bark of the Poisionus Tree: Cancer, Taxotere, and Permanent Baldness Graham Newman
The Lessons of the Volkswagen Settlement Julia Flumian

Fall 2016
Self-Driving Cars and the Danger of Federal Preemption C. Richard Newsome & William C. Ourand
A Mediator's Thoughts on "Winning" a Mediation Eric K. Englebardt
Jumping into the Deep End: The Intricacies of Multidistrict Litigation Graham Newman
Defeating the Motion to Stay Based on Fifth Amendment Privilege Robert Rikard

Summer 2016

Talcum Powder: The Next Tobacco? Graham L. Newman
Offer of Judgement and the Tort Claims Act Daniel Luginbill and Janek Kazmierski
A Review of Some South Carolina Evidence: Differences Make a Difference Justin S. Kahn and Wes B. Allison
Sanctions: A Necessary Tool in Civil Litigation Robert Rikard


Spring 2016
To Be or Not to Be: The Assault on Permanent, Periodic Alimony Bryan Braddock
The Chief Umpire is Changing the Strike Zone Ned Miltenberg & Stuart Ollanik
Limits on Expert Testimony in Child Sexual Abuse Cases Alex Stalvey

Winter 2016

Synthetic Cannabinoids in South Carolina State Court: An Overview Sam Tooker

A Concussion Protocol: Litigating the 'Mild' Traumatic Brain Injury Case Kenneth E. Berger

Teen Truckers: Coming Soon to an Interstate Near you Ben Traywick

Summer 2015
Junkyard Justice: Seeking to Hold Takata Accountable Kevin Dean
Remarks from South Carolina State Senators on the Emanuel A.M.E. Shooting and the Passing of Reverend and Senator Clementa Pinckney
Mediation as a Tool to Maximize Recovery Robert Rikard

Spring 2015
Eight Steps to Finding More Referrals Stephen Fairley
Technology and Marketing for Small Firms J. Benjamin Stevens
Effective Time Management Nido Qubein
The Biggest Crime in Law Firms Stephen Fairley
Digital Organization and Ideas for Lawyers and Law Firms Justin S. Kahn
Change: Embrace It or Resist It Nido Qubein

Winter 2015
Back to the Future: Racial Gerrymandering Case Asks the Roberts Court to Rule on Race, Politics and Consitutional Law Christopher P. Kenny
Avenging Germanicus: The Murder Trial of Gnaeus Calpumius Piso Graham Newman
Plaintiff's Offer of Judgment: Is Prejudgment Interest Recoverable in Excess of Policy Limits Trip Riesen

Fall 2014
A New Highway Hazard: Problems with Trinity Guardrails R. Alexander Murdaugh, Ronnie Crosby, and Randolph Murdaugh, III
Ceasar's Business or God's Business? Kermit King
Police Brutailuty and Excessive Force: Crossing the Thin Blue Line T. Ryan Langley
Yard Sticks and Stop Signs: Making Your Case with Codes and Standards Wes B. Allison & Justin S. Kahn

Summer 2014
Codifying Common Law Blake Hewitt
Fighting For Our Soldiers Graham Newman
Discovery and the Insurance Claim Wes B. Allison and Justin S. Kahn

Ponzi Victims' Third-Party Claims Badge Humphries

Spring 2014
Who's Afriad of the Reptile Motion In Limine? Justin Kahn and Wes B. Allison
Ethics: A Thin Thread to Runnymede The Honorable J. Mark Hayes, II
Listmaking Lessons Ashby L. Jones
Robotic Performance Nido Qubein
How to Inspire Others to Peak Performance Nido Qubein

Winter 2014 
Juvenile Adjudication Clarke Newton
The Next Wave in Airbag Litigation Hank N. Diddier, Jr.
Ethical Concerns of Lawyers Impairment Yvette Hourigan
The Ethics of Social Media Tad Thomas

Fall 2013    
Recoveries and Protections for Whistleblowers Under the Federal False Claims Act John C. Moylan
Pointers for Paralegals (Actually for Attorneys) Terry D. Allen
A Trial lawyer's Quick Reference Guide to Post-Trial Motions Matthew V. Creech
Perjury in Family Court Heather Hite Stone
Making Waves Ashby Lawton Jones

Summer 2013    
Prove Notice Without Knowledge:  Show Facts that Require Inquiry Justin S. Kahn and Wes B. Allison
The Epidemic of Patient Errors:  Emerging Expectations Under Health Reform Legislation Bob Ruch
Tips to Avoid the Malpractice or Grievance Trap Peter D. Protopapas and Chalres E. Usry
Did I Make a Difference Today? Mark D. Chappell
Pointers for Paralegals:  The Care and Feeding of Expert Witnessess Terry D. Allen
The Coming Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Your Injured Clients Timothy Denehy

Winter 2013 
Presentation of Exhibits in a Premises Liability Case:  A Practical Primer Scott Anderson
Trucking Litigation Understanding ECMs, Qualcomm, VORAD and Spoliation Mark D. Chappell
Workers' Compensation Appeals:  Nutshell Version Suzanne H. Jebailey
Shock and Awe:  The Art of Using Focus Groups to Profile Highly Emotional Cases Carey Crantford
The Application of the Workers' Compensation Retaliation Act and Federal Employment Laws on Injured Workers Nancy Bloodgood
Recent US Tax Court Decision Highlights Issues Regarding the Tax Treatment of Damages for Stress-Induced Physical Ailments Jeremy Babener and Neil Kimmelfield
Pointers for Paralegals Terry D. Allen

Spring 2012 
Just Say No Peter D. Protopapas
The Notice of Intent Statute Robert G. Rikard
Thoughts on Not Losing a Case J. Kevin Holmes
A Trail of Tiers John S. Nichols

Winter 2011 
Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus:  Drunk Science or Junk Science? Heath P. Taylor
Supreme Court Opens Doors to SCUTPA Class in Federal Court David Hendricks
When Lawyers Need Lawyers Daryl Hawkins
Protective Orders and Confidentiality Agreements W. Hugh McAngus, Jr.

Fall 2011      
Flat Fees Allyson M. Carbaugh
The "Of Counsel" Relationship and Conflicts Issues Thomas P. Gressette, Jr.
Negligent Supervision Kenny Berger
Why I Love Summary Jury Trials Jeffrey Gerardi

Summer 2010
Dog Bite Cases:  Avoiding 9 Common Mistakes Ron Berman D.A.B.F.E. Expert Witness and Consultant
Ten Steps to a Fair Settlement Negotiation Strategies that Work Rick Hall
Probate Coordinators:  Ethical Considerations When Outsourcing the Search for Local Probate Counsel Thomas P. Gressette, Jr.

Fall 2009      
Technological Revolution in the Practice of Law W. Micheal Hemlepp, Jr.
Witness Preparation:  The Neglected Art Don Keenan
Do's and Don'ts for an Effective Mediation:  Plaintiff's Personal Injury Practice:  Tips and Applications Frederick I. Hall, III
Rule 35:  Independent Mental Examinations James L. Ward, Jr. and Catherine H. McElveen

Spring 2008 
A Snare to the Unwary:  Private-Appearing Entities May Really Be Persons Covered by the Tort Claims Act Richard M. Gergel and John D. Kassel
A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole:  Understanding Loss Costs and Loss Cost Multipliers J. Kevin Holmes and William L. Smith, II
Tips to Avoid the Malpractice or Grievance Trap William J. Rivers, III and H. Lee Herron
Gain Advantage With Real-Time Transcripts Damian Capozzola

Fall 2008      
The Alice in Wonderland Effect:  A Perspective on the Loss of a Wrongful Death Claim Prior to the Death Thomas W. Winslow
Defending a Foreclosure Sue Berkowitz, Matthew Richardson and Stephen Suggs
Litigating Sex Predator Commitment Cases in South Carolina Lisa Kimbrough

Winter 2007 
National Perspective Robert S. Peck and Andre Mura
Setting Aside Mandatory Arbitration Clauses in Nursing Home Contracts Anthony L. Harbin and Larry A. Welborn
Little Noted and Little Used Rule 806 SCRE Kermit S. King
Individual Voir Dire in South Carolina - Worth Considering J. Craig Smith
Eight Ways to Defeat or Minimize ERIZA Reimbursement Claims Roger M. Baron

WHAT WORKS FOR ME?  These Things for Sure! E. Vernon F. Glenn

Spring 2007 
National Perspective from the Center for Constitutional Litigation, PC Robert S. Peck and Andre Mura
Americanos Representing Hispanos Cultural Issues and More - First of a Series John E. Duncan
Jury Selection:  Moving Toward a New Paradigm Carey Crantford
Mistakes Were Made:  Standards for Relief Under Rules 6(b)(2), 55(c ), and 60(b) Andrew S. Radeker
South Carolina Statutory Employer Defense:  "One Strike and You're Out." John R. Peace
Framing Your Case Kenneth M. Suggs

Summer 2007    
Assessing Damages Kenneth C. Anthony, Jr.
Scope of Subpoena in Workers' Comp Frederick W. Riesen, III
Trial Lawyer Resource Center:  It's So Hard to Move Cases David Swanner
The Murphy Article Lindsey W. Cooper
Environmental Future Bright:  SCELP Reaches 20 Year Milestone James S. Chandler, Jr.
Special Education Law:  Trends and Implementing the IDEA 2004 Elizabeth Hyatt Robinson
Let Us Open Our Eyes Rudy Apodaca

Fall 2007      
Workers' Compensation Act Reformed Steven E. Goldberg
Railroad Redemption Has Always Required More Daniel S. Haltiwanger
Access to Justice:  Statewide Public Defender System and Court Appointment Changes Jay Elliott
Celebrate the Legacy of Freedom Billy Jenkinson
Scope of Subpoena in Workers' Compensation Trip Riesen

Winter-Spring 2006
Fighting to Keep Public Documents Unsealed: Corporate Secrecy Out of Control Leslie A. Brueckner
Quality of Life for Trial Lawyers:  Are the "Seven Habits" Still Effective? Ken W. Harrell
Diabetes and Work Injuries Allen B. King
A Twist on the Use of a Treatise Kermit S. King

Summer 2006    
National Perspective Robert S. Peck
The Real Estate Appraisal Overvaluation Phenomenon Brian L. Boger
Beware of the Curve Ball Scott S. Bluestein
Everything a Lawyer Needs to Know About Bankruptcy Shannon Furr Bobertz and Michael J. Cox
Why the FDA's Bark is Worse Than it's Bite  Leslie A. Bailey and Leslie A. Brueckner
Applying the Seven Habits to the Life of a Trial Lawyer Ken W. Harrell
Statute of Repose Primer Mark C. Joye and Amy B. Rothschild

Fall 2006      
Handbook for South Carolina Dirt Lawyers Chapter 11 Fraud and Forgery Claire T. Manning
Little Noted and Little Used Rule 806 SCRE Kermit S. King
Federal Judge Rejects Drug Maker's Efforts to Escape Accountability, Holding FDA Regulations Do Not Preempt State Law Claims Leslie A. Bailey and Leslie A. Brueckner
Tales From the Dark Side D. Nathan Hughey
Introduction of Judge Matthew J. Perry at ATLA Convention Seattle, Washington Luther J. Battiste, III

Winter/Spring 2005           
Responding to the Attack on Trial Lawyers Leonard M. Salle
Handling and Litigating Night-Vision Cases  Thomas R. Taggart
Changes in Medicine - An Overview of Handling Medical Negligence Cases for the Past 30 Years Thomas Malone
Getting to Know Adobe ".pdf" Files Steven Shaw

Summer 2005     
Don't Let Cobra Bite Your Client or You! Melissa Brown
Nursing Homes, Long-Term Care:  Liability Law Update E. Kenneth Snyder
Palladuim of Liberty Judge Joseph F. Anderson
2005 Legislative Changes to the South Carolina Civil Justice System Matthew T. Richardson

Fall 2005       
Access to Justice Campaign Battling Preemption and Arbitration in U.S. Supreme Court Cases Arthur H. Bryant
National Perspective Robert S. Peck
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams

Staging and Producing a Live Focus Group David R. Bossart
The Rise of Trial by Summary Judgment and Mandatory Arbitration G. Ross Anderson, United States District Court Judge

Fall 2004       
Shifting the Sands of Punitive Damages The Honorable G. Ross Anderson, Jr.
CGL Coverage and the Myth of L-J v. Bituminous Fire & Marine Ins. Company Gerald M. Finkel and William R. Padget
Ten Things Every Workers' Compensation Attorney Should Know about Medicare Vernon Sumwalt
Fighting for Children's Rights:  Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement Lewis Pitts
Household Asbestos Exposure Cases:  Innocent Victims Anne McGuiness Kearse and Clair Xidis

Winter/Spring 2003
Address to Subcommittee William H. Nicholson, III
What's up with Rule 59 (e)? Theile M. Branham and John D. Kassel
Social Security Disability Benefits:  How you can help your clients with their claims Steven M. Calcutt
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams

Summer 2003     
A Lawyer's Guide to Cross-Cultural Depositions Nina Ivanichvili
Understanding the Skeptical Juror Carey Crantford
The Impact of HIPPA Regulations on Discovery in Civil Cases R. Kirk Griffin
Four Things Family Law Attorney May Not Realize About Civil Procedure Rule 34 Gregory B. Adams
Case Notes from other Jurisdictions Robert S. Peck
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams

Fall 2003       
Gladiators Without Swords The Honorable G. Ross Anderson, Jr.
An Inglorious Fiction:  the Doctrine of Matrimonial Domicile in SC John D. Geathers and Justin R. Werner
A Primer in Family-Based Immigration Law for Non-Immigration Practitioners B. Randall Dong
Using the Computer to Help you Run Your Practice David A. Swanner
TECH CORNER:  The Power of the Computer David A. Swanner

Winter 2002  
Medical Lobbies Prepare to Pounce Joanne Doroshow
Modifying Child Custody Gregory S. Forman
The Seven (7) Standards of Medical Practice Samuel L. Svalina
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams
No Drivers License for Some B. Randall Dong

Spring 2002  
Helping Your Client Prepare for Deposition R. Lee Livingston
Horizontal Glaze Nystagmus as Field Sobriety Evidence in SC:  An Old Issue in Need of a New Look Robert M. Sutton
Who Cares About Lower Court Bench Warrants? James H. "Chip" Price
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams

Summer 2002     
Opening Statement The Impact of Popular Culture on the Perception of Lawyers Robert A. Clifford
The Trial Lawyers View of Tort Reform Patrick E. Knie
Warning vs. Safety Guards:  Does the Duty to Warn Extinguish a Duty to Guard? John D. Kassel
Overview of the South Carolina Guardian ad litem Reform Act John O. McDougall and Peter G. Currence
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams

Fall 2002       
When Bad Things Happen to Good People Christine A. Bremer
Punitive Damages:  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Courthouse The Honorable G. Ross Anderson, Jr.
Runnin' on Empty Bert Goolsby
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams

Winter 2001  
One of South Carolina's First Black Lawyers W. Lewis Burke
Shrink Wrap:  An Introduction to Mental Health Malpractice Skip Simpson and Jerry Meek
TLPJ Urges Supreme Court to Reject Forced Arbitration Clause Bradford P. Simpson
When "Get Rich Quick" Schemes Go Bad Look to the S. C. Business Opportunity Sales Act David E. Rothstein
Spoliation:  A Legal Theory Whose Time Has Come Jarrell L. Wigger

Spring 2001  
The Legal Immigration Family Equity Act of 2000 B. Randall Dong
Drake Law School Speech Senator John Edwards
Car Rental Agency Liability:  Negligent Entrustment Justin S. Kahn
Unite and Conquer with a Local Trial Lawyer Workshop Jody V. McKnight
When the Defendant Fails to Forward the Papers - Has Shores v. Weaver been Statutorily Overruled? John S. Nichols
Eulogy to a Trial Lawyer David Fedor
Federal Safety Regulations Concerning Underride Guards Mark D. Streed

Summer 2001     
When Does a Trial Lawyer Go To Probate Court? Carole Dennison Moede
Nursing Home Litigation:  Not Just a Case but a Cause Andrew W. Arnold
Social Security:  Thoughts on the Promise and the Reality for People with Disabilities Harriet McBryde Johnson
New Employment Choices and New Advocacy Services for SSA/SSI Disability Clients Nancy McCormick
Blindness Following Lumbar Surgery Kenneth C. Anthony, Jr.
Salvaging the Total Loss Claim Stephen C. Ryan

Fall 2001       
Closing Argument The Honorable G. Ross Anderson, Jr.
Church Bells and Wheelchairs:  The ADA and Religion Bryan C. Gambrell
Four Rule to Show Cause Pitfalls to Avoid Gregory S. Forman
Birth Injury Cases:  A Primer for the Attorney Who Does Not Practice Medical Negligence S. Randall Hood

Winter 2000  
When Fun Isn't Fun Kenneth C. Anthony, Jr.
The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act E. Paul Gibson
Recent Developments in Social Security Disability Law Paula M. Stewart and Jennifer Foulk
How to Win Against Wal-Mart Lewis Laska
Fantasy Verdicts:  The Political Campaign Against the American Justice System Alex Sanders

Spring 2000  
State v. Liberte & Sims:  A shield Against Prosecutorial Zeal J. Stephen Welch
Ten Suggestions for Making Your Opening Statements More Effective Bob Maddox
Chatting With the Bar Bruce Littlejohn, Chief Justice - Retired
Tornado + Mobile Home:  Should Not Equal Death Charles H. Allen
Does South Carolina Have Jurisdiction to Enforce Georgia Custody Decree John O. McDougall and Robert Gruber
Social Security Update:  User Fees on the Way Henry Wansker

Summer 2000     
Liens, Fees and Taxes John Freeman
Finding the Best Venue Stephen H. Cook
The Ten Most Common Pitfalls of Preparing and Using Demonstrative Evidence and What You Can do to Avoid these Traps Mark C. Joye
Legacy of the Law Hippies:  the Federal Rules of Evidence Warren Moise
Tips on Punitive Damages Tom Traxler
the Cross-Examination of a Vocational Expert Sherod H. Eadon, Jr. and Gerald E. Reardon with Harriet Fowler, M.Ed., CRC
Environmental Law for Trial Attorneys Gary W. Poliakoff
The Continuing Saga of Discovery Abuse:  The Need for Judicial Intervention The Honorable G. Ross Anderson, Jr.

Fall 2000       
Appellate Notebook:  Error Preservation from the Respondent's Perspective - I'on, LLC v. Town of Mt. Pleasant John S. Nichols
Service of Process on Foreign Defendants Pursuant to The Hague Convention Frank L. Eppes
Interference with the Right to Bury and Related Cause of Action W. Scott Palmer

Winter 1999  
The Voice as an Instrument in Closing Arguments Charles L. Becton
Swearing  In of New Attorneys Justice James E. Moore
Composing and Delivering an Effective Summation Judge Joseph F. Anderson, Jr.
Some Lawyers Have No Judgment Kermit S. King
Use the 'Net to Become Year 2000 Smart! Courtney Kennaday

Spring 1999  
On Being a Trial Lawyer Jack B. Swerling
Trucking Company Compliance with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations Carl E. Pierce, II and Allen P. Sloan, III
Changing paradigm - The Evolving Face of the Law J. Stephen Welch
On the Other Side of the Record L. Coconut Pantsari

Summer 1999     
Dykema vs. Companion Healthcare Corporation - HMO Liability For Medical Malpractice Michael Parham
When the Verdict is Just a Fantasy William Glaberson
Injury by Accident, Where Are We? Preston F. McDaniel
New Guidance on Surviving the Daubert Challenge to Treating Physician Opinions John R. McCravy, III
Where Have You Gone Atticus Finch? John S. Nichols

Fall 1999       
Evidence Eggshells - A New Walk for Experts The Honorable G. Ross Anderson, Jr.
Litigating Nursing Facility Care Cases George S. Ingalls
Recurring Questions in Worker Compensation Alan R. Cochran
Finding The "Edges" - The Pursuit of the Winning Points E. Vernon F. Glenn
The Kids and the Ex Are Leaving the State…Where Do We Go From Here? Carloyn B. Steigner
Employment Law From the Plaintiff's Perspective in South Carolina J. Lewis Cormer

Winter 1998  
The Family Cost of Litigation Mark D. Chappell
Because Sometimes A Lawsuit Can Make A Difference Rodney F. Pillsbury
Motley's Grasp of Evidence was Key in Texas Mark Curriden
Additional Reporting Requirements Could Cause Headaches for Some Attorneys Christopher J. Bachkosky & Stephanie K. O'Cain
Defective Door Latch Yields Largest Verdict Ever Against Auto Industry Bill Isbelle

Spring 1998  
Discovering Deleted Computer Files Chad A. McGowan
What are a Health Insurer's Rights to Subrogate Against Your Client's Tort Recovery? Robert E. Hoskins and Robert P. Foster
Investigating Nursing Home Cases Nancy L. Field
Pediatric Brain Injury May Last a Lifetime Charles N. (Nick) Simkins

Summer 1998     
Bifurcated Punitive Damages Proceedings Doyet A. Early, III, Richard Ness and Norma A. T. Jett
On Being a Trial Lawyer Mark S. Mandell
St. Francis Xavier and The Two-Edged Sword S. Stephen Welch
Social Security Disability Bruce K. Billman

Fall 1998       
Discovery Abuse  The Honorable G. Ross Anderson, Jr.
Five Myths About Traumatic Brain Injury Charles N. Simkins
The New DUI Law:  Is It Good Policy?  Is It Good Law? State Senator Brad Hutto

Winter 1997  
Butler and Osborne - Their Impact on UIM Coverage E. Paul Gibson
Taxation of Punitive Damage Awards:  An Analysis of O'Gilvie v. United States, and the Effect of  Kids and Computers M. Terry Haselden

Spring 1997  
A Step-By-Step Approach to the Breast Implant Client's Social Security Case Paula M. Stewart and Vernon Sumwalt
A Pep Talk for Those Low Moments R. Andrew Bergh
Offensive and Defensive Non-Mutual Collateral Estoppel:  Due Process Implications of the Sword and Shield Joel V. McKnight, Jr.
Six Million Dollar Deposition…and Other Jury Observations The Honorable W. Ross Foote
No Contest:  Corporate Law and the Perversion of Justice in America William A. Jordan

Summer 1997     
Harassment Claims Defending Against Discovery of Psychological History Michael G. Moore
Keep Your Shoulders Up!  Kenneth C. Anthony, Jr.
Loss of Consortium Different Action, Different Damages - Different Coverage? Justin S. Kahn
Handling Pulmonary Workers' Compensation Claims John R. McCravy, III
Davenport vs. Cotton Hope Abolishing Assumption of the Risk - The Time has Come William A. Jordan

Fall 1997       
Opening the Door The Honorable G. Ross Anderson, Jr.
Why Choice No-Fault Fails Tim Ryles, Ph.D.
Opening Statement:  The Fund Raising Begins David A. Fedor
Your Life, Your Clients, Your Ethics, The Law:  Thoughts About Keeping Them All In Balance David R. Bossart
Attorney's Obligation to Comply with Discovery Requests J. Kendall Few, Mark C. Tanenbaum and Charles L. Henshaw, Jr.

Winter 1996  
A Crash Course In Crashworthiness Cases Peter Perlman
Closing Argument - What It Means To Be A Trial Lawyer J. Kendall Few
New Blood:  Litigation From the perspective of a First-Year Trial Lawyer D. Michael Henthorne
In Pursuit Lawyer of Management Success Russell J. White
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams

Spring 1996  
Closing Arguments:  The Fund Raising Speech David A. Fedor
Toward an Electronic Democracy M. Terry Haselden
Admissibility of Expert Scientific Testimony Gedney M. Howe, III
Evidentiary Proof for Low Impact Collisions Dr. John G. Marone
Members of Congress Should Listen to the People Pamela Anagnos Liapakis

Summer 1996     
Avoiding Discovery Disputes The Honorable Ralph King Anderson, Jr.
Our Clients are Human, Too Ronald J. Jebaily
On Technology - Networking the Small Law Office on a Shoestring Budget Karl A. Folkens
1996 Workers' Compensation Legislation M. Terry Haselden
Developing Domestic Relations Issues (Family Court vs. Mediation) The Honorable Curtis G. Shaw
A Call for the Death of Joe Camel Ronald L. Motley
An Overview of Practice Procedures Before The Administrative Law Judge Division Judge Ralph King Anderson, III
Preparing Your Client for Deposition or Don't Throw Your Case Away Bruce A. Byrholdt

Fall 1996       
Representing a Child With Brain Injuries Carole W. Sellers, Ph.D.
Round Pegs and Square Holes - The Aftermath of Daubert The Honorable G. Ross Anderson, Jr.
The WARN Act William A. Jordan
Some Interesting Aspects of Our Experience with Crashworthiness Litigation J. Kendall Few and John C. Few
On Computers Peyre T. Lumpkin
Auto Insurance Argument Being Used Across U.S. James L. Dam
So What Does Ethics Have To Do With It? The Honorable Ernest A. Finney, Jr.

Winter 1995  
New Rules for Trial Lawyers James F. Flanagan
On Climbing Above the Clouds Ronald J. Jebaily
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams

Spring 1995  
Sexual Harassment in the Law Firm:  A Primer in Preventing Liability B. Randall Dong
An Abbreviated List of SNAFUS E. Vernon F. Glenn

Summer 1995     
Get Sophisticated About The Sophisticated User Defense John D. Kassel
Fair Debt Collection Practices Law Susan B. Berkowitz and John C. Ruoff, Ph.D.
Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? Desa A. Ballard

Fall 1995       
Computer Animation:  Admissibility and Uses The Honorable G. Ross Anderson, Jr.
Talking Legislation - Are We Getting Taken? W. Dennis Chamberlain
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams
Like A Hog with a Wristwatch W. T. Geddings, Jr.
Tax Procedure Under the South Caolina Revenue Procedures Act:  A "User-Friendly" Approach Marvin F. Kittrell

In Pursuit Lawyer of Management Success:  T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K Russell J. White

Winter 1994  
Protecting Your Client's Social Security Disability Checks (and Medicare Benefits) From That Great Workers' Compensation Settlement You Just Got Him M. Terry Haselden
Depo-Medrol:  Prescription for Paralysis Joseph W. Moch and Arthur Borja
Attorneys Have Been Targeted By the IRS! Ronald S. Lockhart
May It Please the Court The Honorable Julius H. Baggett

Spring 1994  
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams
On Technology  Charles L. Henshaw, Jr.
Pretecting Your Client's Social Security Disability Checks (and Medicare Benefits) From That Great Workers' Compensation Settlement You Just Got Him - Part II M. Terry Haselden
Winning Cases With Body Language Richard B. Klein

Summer 1994     
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams
How and When to Tattle Your Tale B. Randall Dong
Lurking Danger to Products Liability Plaintiffs - South Carolina Statute of Repose James W. Bradford, Howard E. Sheftman, and Susan M. Levy
Quality Mangement Malpractice A Precursor to Product Liability Ernest W. Karlin, P.E.

Fall 1994       
Climbing Above the Clouds The Honorable Wylie H. Caldwell, Jr.
The Ethical Lawyer Gregory B. Adams
Daubert!  Small Impact on South Carolina Evidence Law Ward Bradley

Winter 1993  
A Thought About the Convention Hal Driggers
Protective Orders:  The Industry's Silencer on the Smoking Gun Teresa M. Hendricks and Joseph W. Moch
Opening Statements in Products Liability Litigation J. Michael McGuiness
Automate Your Trust Account For Less Than Thirty ($30.00) Dollars E. Paul Gibson

Dr. Dweeb's Trial (Computer) Notebook Tim Kulp         

Spring 1993  
Recognizing Developing and Presenting the Crashworthiness Case J. Kendall Few and John C. Few
The Role of the Advocate Roxanne Barton Conlin
TLPJ, Scientists Urge Supreme Court to Reject "Consensus" Requirement for Expert Testimony Herb Ettel 
Dr. Dweeb's Trial (Computer) Notebook Tim Kulp

Summer 1993                        
Recent Developments in Motor Vehicle Use Exclusions in General Liability Policies Ray P. McClain
Total Quality Management:  Will It Work in the Law Firm? Shipp D. Harris
Staging the Persuasive Opening Statement Elliot W. Stone
Arbitration and Securities Claims Kenneth G. Gale

Fall 1993       
Fees For Court-Appointed Counsel in Capital Litigation John F. Hardaway
ALJ Division Will Be Big Change Douglas Jennings, Jr.
Remarks and Reflections The Honorable Ralph King Anderson, Jr.
SPEED EVALUATION Working With the Vehicle Accident Reconstructionist Woodrow M. Poplin, P.E.
UP FROM THE LOWCOUNTRY Who is this new kid on the block? Robert S. Armstrong

Winter 1992  
The Pox On Our House E. Vernon F. Glenn
Jet Skis:  Wet ATV's Joseph W. Moch and Charles E. Dadswell
Damages In Catastrophic Injury Cases A. Elliott Barrow, Jr.
The Constitutionality of the Tort Claims Act after Foster "The Case of the Million Dollar Molar" Harold W. Gowdy, III

Spring 1992  
Advertising as an Educational Tool Joseph A. Mooneyham
What is a Lawyer? Ted Koskoff
Public Veiw of Lawyers Quarter-Truths Abound Marc Galanter
Accepting the New Client   Robert Dawson
Halcion:  The Hot Bed of Controversy Continues! Joseph William Moch
Opening Statement - Form Follows Function A. Elliott Barrow, Jr.

Summer 1992     
A Momentary Glimpse at the Eternal Concept of Stacking W. Lamar Flatt
The Assault on the Citadel of Secrecy Charles L. Henshaw, Jr.
Volunteer and Charitable Organization Liability in South Carolina E. Paul Gibson
Understanding Insurance Adjusters John Doe
Suing Corporations and Those Behind Them Dr. Gregory B. Adams
Looking for Law in All the Wrong Places Ruth Levor

Fall 1992       
A Conversation with Judge Anderson E. Vernon F. Glenn
Defending Media:  Dramaturgical Expertise in the Courtroom  Dr. David Ball
The Value of a Child Kathleen Flynn Peterson and John F. Eisberg
Stockbroker Liability - A Primer A. Elliott Barrow, Jr.

Winter 1991  
How to Talk to a Battered Client Rebecca Rohan
No Politics, No Justice, No Practice  J. Marvin Mullis, Jr.
A Founder's Vision Steven M. Krause
The Physiatrist and Pain Robert G. Schwartz, M.D.
No-Fault's Impact on Consumers and Collision Victims:  Robbing Paul to Pay the Piper Leonard C. Elder

Spring 1991  
Malpractice Steve Cohen
Dram Shop Law in South Carolina  W. Lamar Flatt
Environmental Law in South Carolina:  Protection vs. Pollution Gary W. Poliakoff
How to Get a Winning Verdict in Your Personal Life J. Gary Ruoff
Beyond the Residential Landlord/Tenant Act Tom W. Dunaway and James Brislane
Justice Requires Attorney-Conducted Voir Dire in South Carolina Barney O. Smith, Jr.

Summer 1991     
Remember Me By My Clients - They Make My Life Worthwhile Morris Dees
Falcon Hawkins Senator Ernest F. Hollings
Strategies for Accepting or Rejecting A New Small P.I. Case Henry H. Wallace
Enabling The Disabled Worker:  The Americans With Disabilities Act M. Malissa Burnette
The Orderly Art of Making Objections James Martin Davis

Fall 1991       
PROZAC Joseph William Moch
Dirty Tricks - Anticipate, React, Make Them Backfire Robert K. Dawson
Exhumation and Autopsy in Civil Cases for Evidential Purposes Donald R. Moorhead
Intervening Negligence:  When is an Original Tortfeasor Relieved of Liability? Howard S. Sheftman and Edward A. Frazier
South Carolina Class Action Law Timothy E. Eble
In Defense of Lawyers Robert N. Rosen

Winter 1990  
Ten Top Criminal Cases of the 80's H.W. Pat Paschal, Jr.
The Objective is to Object Without Being Objectionable Kermit S. King
Comparative Fault Ralph C. McCullough
The Trial Lawyer In The 90's G. Ross Anderson, Jr., U.S. District Judge
False Insurance Ads Are Contaminating Jury Thinking Kenneth M. Suggs
Why Rambo and Hardball Litigation Tactics Don't Work Professor Harry J. Haynsworth
How To Win DUI Cases Reese I. Joye, Jr.
Our Precious Jury System  James W. Gilchrist, Jr.
Understanding Underinsurance Ricky K. Harris

Executing Judgments Against Out-Of-State Insurers Lee P. Jedziniak    

Spring 1990  
Tearing Down the Spider's Web J. B. Ness & Desa Ballard
Environmental Claims Thomas H. Hart, III
New Medicare Rules Impact Workers' Compensation Will T. Dunn, Jr.
Preserving the Batson Issue In a Civil Case Charles J. Hodge
The Four Column System  Kermit S. King
Suggestions for Summation Thomas William Malone
How To Win DUI Cases Reese I. Joye, Jr.
Medical Board Certification - Fact or Fiction? O. Fayrell Furr, Jr.
Profile:  The Honorable Isadore E. Lourie Jon P. Popowski
Trial Practice Tips Voir Dire Thomas H. Hart, III
Quips and Quotes Sam Svalina, Editor

Summer 1990
Smooth Sailing Under New Workers' Comp Reg. Kelly J. Golden
Trial Lawyers:  Fighting in the Public Interest Ronald H. Brown, Chairman, Dem. Nat. Com.
Disallowance of Subrogation:  An Admin. Remedy Lee P. Jedziniak
Litigating The All Terrain Vehicle Case Barney O. Smith, Jr. and Rita McKinney
Learning From The Master - Richard J. Foster Douglas F. Patrick
First Thing We Do Let's Kill Shakespeare G. Richardson Wieters
A Plaintiff Lawyer's Guide To The Statutes of Limitations W. Lamar Flatt
Small Damages, Large Verdicts J. Marvin Mullis, Jr.
Quips and Quotes Sam Svalina, Editor

Fall 1990       
The Motion In Limine Kenneth J. Wilson and Timothy E. Eble
Lean, Mean and Green W. Dennis Chamberlain
No-Fault's Impact on Consumers and Collision Victims:  Robbing Paul to Pay the Piper Leonard C. Elder
School Bus Yellow = Injury/Death  Joseph William Moch
Truth in Advertising Tom Turnipseed
Litigating  the All Terrain Vehicle Case Barney O. Smith, Jr. and Rita M. McKinney
Tell the Jury - The Story of Advocacy John D. Moody
Planning for Proof of Damages for the Severely Injured Dr. Oliver G. Wood, Jr.

Summer 1989     
The Death Penalty or Life Imprisonment?  Examining Capital Punishment For Mentally Retarded Offenders John H. Blume
The Automobile Insurance Reform Act of 1989 Ricky K. Harris
Is Loss of Use Recoverable When A Motor Vehicle Is Totally Destroyed E. Paul Gibson
Being A Better Lawyer:  Eleven Lighthearted Tips E. Vernon F. Glenn
TMJ Technology:  Sorting Out The Complex Trauma of Whiplash-Jawlash Bruce H. Kinnie, D.D.S.: Thad Davis, D.D.S. and Ross H. Thomas, D.D.S.
Survivors of Trauma Working With Clients With Psychological Injuries Lawrence H. Bergmann, Ph.D. and Timothy Barnett-Queen, M.S.W.
Making Video Depositions Work for You John Boswell

Winter 1988  
The Cancer-Makers Are Out To Get You Paul Brodeur
Fault Enforces Accountability Harvey l. Golden and J. Michael Taylor
Videotaping of DUI Defendants G. W. Jefferson

Spring 1988  
Don't Lynch the Lawyers! E. Vernon F. Glenn
Arbitration As An Answer for Property Damage Woes E. Paul Gibson
Legal Malpractice A. Camden Lewis
Attorneys' Fees in Workers' Compensation Proceedings Bruce Dew
Insurance Reform:  An Idea Whose Time Has Come Barney O. Smith
Trial Lawyers - You Can Make the Difference Coretta D. Bedsole
A Group That Works for People Who Work  Charles Taylor

Summer 1988     
Lake Marion Landfill Factsheet James R. Ingram, M.D.
Environmental Disaster Looms on South Carolina's Horizon Dana Beach
Environmental Litigation James B. Chandler, Jr.
Board Starts New Approach to Winning the Marathon Douglas F. Patrick
S.C.'s Pretense of Jury Examination  F. Vernon E. Glenn
What Appellate Judges Are Looking For in an Equitable Distribution Case The Honorable C. Tolbert Goolsby, Jr.
S.C. FAIR Share:  A Progress Report John Ruoff
LAC Report Response James E. Chaffin, Jr.
The Physically Handicapped:  A Growing Market John H. Stevens
Medical Illustration Firms:  What Should They Offer a Trial Attorney John W. McClaugherty
S.C. Association of Legal Investigators Robert H. Joseph, CLI

Fall 1988       
Analysis of the IAA of 1988 Ricky K. Harris
Jurisdictional Problems in the Magistrate's Court G. W. Jefferson
Stress Disorders Bruce Dew
CBS "Eye" Views Death Penalty Case Jill de Vlaming
Experts, Pseudo-Experts, Miracle Workers and Prostitures Dr. Richard W. Henderson
The C.A.S.E. 5 Necessity Defense:  Civil Disobedience and the GSX Dump John D. Delgado
Groundwater Contamination Litigation J. Kendall Few
Toxics and the Trial Lawyer John Adams Hodge
Nursing Malpractice Cynthia Northrop and Elise Alpert

January/February 1987    
The Cynical Challenge to Our Health and Safety Rights in South Carolina Tom Turnipseed
Sex Discrimination in Employment M. Malissa Burnette
Record Making in a Contested Workers' Compensation Case James J. Reid
Bad Faith in the Processing of Health Insurance Claims (Or How Some Insurers Have Institutionalized Fraud George J. Kefalos

March/April 1987               
Changing The Rules:  Legislative Efforts to Kill Leigh Dingerson, Director S.C. Coalition Against the Death Penalty
Settlement Week - Worth Supporting Marianna S. Smith, Executive Director, ATLA
Business Interests Target Joint and Several In Senate John Ruoff, Acting Director, South Carolina Fair Share
Justifying A "Low" Discount Rate When Calculating The Present Value of Foregone Earnings Marsha R. Shelburn, Ph.D.

May/June 1987  
Lawyers Represent Clients (Not Just Plaintiffs, Not Just Defendants) Stephen G. Morrison
Workers' Compensation Under Attack M. Terry Haselden

July/August 1987               
The Fight to Protect Dalkon Shield Claimants Guerry R. Thornton, Jr.
Accident VS. Occupational Disease Charles J. Hodge
Vocational Rehabilitation - A Means to Success Betty Easler
Study on SC Injured Workers Charles J. Vander Kolk, Ph.D and JoAnna Vander Kolk, M.ed.

January/February 1986    
On Sam Ervin and Being a Lawyer E. Osborne Ayscue, Jr.
There is no Malpractice Crises in South Carolina Barney O. Smith, Jr.
Retaliatory Discharge - The Rights of the Injured Employee Charles J. Hodge

March/April 1986               
The Need and Reason for A Special Assessment A. Hoyt Rowell, III
Stacking - Legal Obnubilation Eugene C. Covington, Jr.
Is the Professional License and Educational Degree an Asset for Equitable Distribution? Brian L. Boger
Women's Self-Defense Dale T. Cobb
Are These Malpractice Claims Frivolous? J. Kendall Few
Infliction of Mental Distress Ralph C. McCullough, II

May/June 1986  
The Duty of "Good Faith" Dealing F. Patrick Hubbard
Premise Liability and Third-Party Criminal Conduct  Mighael K. Hughes
What Does Pain Look Like?  A Brief Survey of Thermographic Imaging Techniques in Medical-Legal Practice John R. Guthrie, D.O.; Kathryn J. Guthrie, R.N., B.S.N. and Charles J. Hodge, Esq.

July/August 1986               
Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp. v. Pfeifer:  An Economic Assessment G. Richard Thompson, Ph.D
What Crises? Ronald A. Maxwell

September/October 1986  
The Omnibus Criminal Justice Improvements Act of 1986 Richard P. Stroker
The New Heart of Darkness;  The Modern Nursing Home Ken Suggs, Esq.; Gail W. Dickson, R.N., M.A.; Steven M. Anastasion, Esq.

November/December 1986              
Special Legislative Edition

January/February 1985    
Rights of the Accused v. Rights of the Press J. Dennis Bolt
The "Ten Commandments" of Family Law Negotiation Joseph T. McElveen, Jr.

March/April 1985               
The Prosecution and Defense of Construction Claims:  The Owner's Perspective  C. Alan Runyan
Pursuing The Medically Related Products Liability Case Barney O. Smith, Jr.
The Hapless Fender Bender Case Martin S. Driggers

May/June 1985  
Paralegals Their Time Has Come for Most of Us Evander G. Jeffords
Dram Shop Liability in South Carolina John R. Ferguson
Trial Lawyers Beware - Doctors are Crying "Wolf" Again Samuel L. Svalina

July/August 1985               
The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Legal Perspective John D. Delgado
Bankruptcy Court:  Another Forum for Domestic Litigation C. Dixon Lee, III

September/October 1985  
The Need for Legislative Reform in Latent Toxic Injury Compensation Cases J. Kevin Holmes

November/December 1985              
Special Legislative Edition

January/February 1984    
Has the Children's Code Divested the Probate Court of Its Traditional Jurisdiction? Marion O. Hanna
Recovery For Emotional Distress Based on Witnessing an Injury to a Loved One Kenneth M. Suggs
Trucking Company's Liability in Tort for Owner Operator's Conduct David W. Goldman and Terrell T. Horne

March/April 1984         
Psyching Out the Psychiatrist Harvey L. Golden
The Preparation and Presentation of the Obstetrical Malpractice Case J. Kendall Few
Frontiers in Torts:  Current Battlegrounds, Breakthroughs and Breakaways in the Field of Torts Thomas F. Lambert, Jr.

May/June 1984  
Intoxication as a Defense Under South Carolina Workers' Compensation Law Hugo M. Spitz

July/August 1984               
Impoundment and Search of Motor Vehicles:  Constitutional Considerations Russell H. Putman, Jr. and Joel D. Bailey
Memorandum in Support of Admission of "Day-In-Life" Film Kay Gorenflow Hearn

September/October 1984  
Impoundment and Search of Motor Vehicles:  Constitutional Considerations- Part II Russell H. Putman, Jr. and Joel D. Bailey

November/December 1984              
Uniform Products Liability Act Provides for Undesirable Changes T. Travis Medlock, SC Attorney General
Impound and Search of Motor Vehicles:  Constitutional Considerations - Part III Russell H. Putman, Jr. and Joel D. Bailey
First Bridge the Gap Program Attracts 260 Justice J. B. Ness

January/February 1983    
Restrictive Venue Provisions Thwart Actions Against National Banks David W. Goldman

March/April 1983               
Automobile Property Damage Law in South Carolina:  A Beginner's Primer Martin S. Driggers
The Putative Spouse - Under the South Carolina Workmen's Compensation Act Susan L. Pringle

May/June 1983  
Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act Howard S. Sheftman
Lawyers' Survival Test Roy Dwyer, Chaiman, Oregon PAC Trustees, Eugene, OR             

July/August 1983               
Preventing the Fall in Slip and Fall Cases Douglas F. Patrick     


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