SCAJ Leadership

2016- 2017 Board of Governors


Alexander B. Cash, President
Richard J. Foster, President Emeritus
W. Hugh McAngus, Jr., President-Elect
Theile B. McVey, Vice President
,James L. Ward, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer
R. Alexander Murdaugh, Immediate Past President


Governor - Circuit 1: Shane Morris Burroughs
Governor - Circuit 2: Daniel W. Luginbill
Governor - Circuit 3: Ryan A. McLeod
Governor - Circuit 4: Cody T. Mitchell
Governor - Circuit 5: W. Jonathan Harling
Governor - Circuit 5: Gerald D. Jowers, Jr.
Governor - Circuit 5: Ed "Punky" Holler
Governor - Circuit 6: F.M. "Nick" Cotten
Governor - Circuit 7: Andrew N. Poliakoff
Governor - Circuit 8: Heather Hite Stone
Governor - Circuit 9: Benjamin W. Akery

Governor - Circuit 9: Frederick W. Riesen, III
Governor - Circuit 9: Kevin B. Smith
Governor - Circuit 9: Richard A. Hricik
Governor - Circuit 9: Matthew E. Yelverton
Governor - Circuit 10: Jennifer Burnett
Governor - Circuit 11: Ashby Lawton Jones
Governor - Circuit 12: George D. Jebaily
Governor - Circuit 13: John R. Peace
Governor - Circuit 13: Alexander Rollison Stalvey
Governor - Circuit 14: Bert G. Utsey, III
Governor - Circuit 15: C. Carter Elliott, Jr.
Governor - Circuit 16: J. Richards McCrae, III

SCAJ Minority Delegates

Carl L. Solomon
Sydney J. Lynn

AAJ Governors

Mark D. Chappell
O. Fayrell Furr, Jr.
Ronald L. Motley (1944 - 2013)
Pamela R. Mullis 
Mark Joye

AAJ Delegates

Michael R. Jeffcoat
Anne McGinness Kearse
Nihar Manhar Patel

SCAJ President's Council Delegate

S. Kirk Morgan

Section Chairs 

Consumer & Securities Law: Badge Humphries
Criminal Law: Heath P. Taylor
Real Estate Law: James Graham Padgett III
Employment Law: Sarah M. Gable
Environmental Law: William E. Applegate, IV
Family Law: Bryan W. Braddock
Social Security Law: Stacy E. Thompson
Torts & Negligence: Kevin R. Dean
Workers' Compensation: Gerald E. Reardon
Young Lawyers: David B. Lail



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The South Carolina Association for Justice (SCAJ) was founded over 50 years ago by a small group of trial lawyers. Since then, our mission has been to serve our members and those we are sworn to protect.  We work to uphold and defend the constitutions of our state and nation. We fight tirelessly to protect the rights of the individual; to seek justice through open and fair courtrooms; to resist unjust laws; to support policies that hold wrongdoers accountable; to strengthen the civil justice system through education; and to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in the legal profession.

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