2017 Auto Torts-Advanced Trial Lawyer college: December 1-2, 2017

Often described as "the best seminar in the region, if not the country," the SCAJ Auto Torts seminar is enjoyed each December in Atlanta, GA by Trial Lawyers from across the south. While the seminar used to focus purely on Auto Torts, throughout the years the seminar has shifted to include topics that are relevant to all Trial Lawyers. The seminar offers members a chance to earn nine CLE credits and experience the best holiday shopping, entertainment and food Atlanta has to offer.

2017 Auto Torts Schedule of Speakers and Registration Coming Soon!


Auto Torts Seminar Room & Registration Procedures - Directive From the SCAJ Board of Governors

SCAJ has always had an open block policy, allowing members of the state bars the ability to make their reservations within our block at the Ritz Carlton/Buckhead, as needed.  Over the years, due to the Southeastern Conference Championship football game, this has become a problem in that guests would reserve multiple (in some instances up to six) rooms within the SCAJ Block.  The Ritz Carlton’s cancellation policy allows a guest to cancel anytime until noon on the date of arrival.  Over the past two years the final teams qualifying for this Championship have been decided within six days of our seminar, creating a huge deficit in our contracted block due to the cancelations.  With such short notice, neither SCAJ nor the Ritz Carlton have been able to fill these room vacancies, thus activating the attrition penalty clause of our contract.  Due to last minute cancelations over the past two years, SCAJ has incurred and paid attrition penalties totaling in excess of $30,000.00.  Therefore the SCAJ Board of Governors has enacted the following procedures with regard to the Auto Torts Seminar room reservations and seminar registration.


  1. Hotel reservations, at the Ritz Carlton/Buckhead, within the SCAJ Block, will be made only through the SCAJ Office.  The hotel will no longer directly accept reservations, within our block.
  2. Each registrant/guest will be allowed to reserve only one room within the SCAJ Block.  Under special circumstances, the SCAJ Board may allow exceptions to this rule on a case by case basis.
  3. A fifty percent (50%) non-refundable deposit for each room reservation will be collected by SCAJ at the time the reservation is made.  This deposit will be transferred to the Ritz Carlton upon guest’s arrival at the hotel.
    Should the registrant/guest cancel with sufficient notice to SCAJ, and SCAJ is able to fill the reservation, this fee may be refunded.
  4. Each room reservation will be confirmed only after the guest has registered for the Auto Torts seminar.
  5. Cancellation of the Seminar Registration will automatically cancel the room reservation(s) and SCAJ will attempt to fill that reservation with another guest.

The SCAJ Board of Governors apologizes for any personal inconvenience this may cause, and are in the sincere hope you will understand this action was a necessary precaution in order to protect the finances of your Association.



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