Upload Your Depositions and Documents
Share your expert depositions with our plaintiff-only network, help us expand our expert database, support your local trial lawyer association and earn valuable credit!

We accept all transcripts of experts and corporate reps, whether you took the deposition or discovered it in your research. Credit is awarded only for transcripts not previously contributed to TrialSmith by other firms.

Your firm earns purchase credits for every new transcript:
  1. $15 Credit - For depositions taken in the last year
  2. $10 Credit - For depositions taken in the last 5 years
  3. $5 Credit - For all other depositions
Your firm will always have free access to all of your contributed and purchased transcripts at TrialSmith. In fact, everything you contribute goes into your firm's own personal archive, and there is never a fee to access your own contributed transcripts.


Learn How to Send Your Firm's Documents


E-mail multiple deposition transcripts or other documents.
Ask your paralegal(s) to forward all electronic depositions to depositions@trialsmith.com. Please limit to 10 transcripts per email.

Upload deposition transcripts or other documents.
Upload one document at a time or upload zip files of large document collections at trialsmith.com/upload.

Ship paper transcripts taken within the Last 10 Years for free scanning.
TrialSmith will scan and convert paper copies of depositions taken within the last 10 years.  Transcripts older than 10 years will be discarded.
Mail to TrialSmith, 13359 N Hwy 183 #406-1220, Austin, TX 78750. Include contributor name and firm in each box so that each new deposition is credited to your account.

Send Files Via Dropbox
To send files using Dropbox, simply email depositions@trialsmith.com and request us to share a Dropbox folder online. Easily add files to the shared folder.

Questions? Call TrialSmith at 737-210-1581 for immediate assistance.




The South Carolina Association for Justice (SCAJ) was founded over 50 years ago by a small group of trial lawyers. Since then, our mission has been to serve our members and those we are sworn to protect.  We work to uphold and defend the constitutions of our state and nation. We fight tirelessly to protect the rights of the individual; to seek justice through open and fair courtrooms; to resist unjust laws; to support policies that hold wrongdoers accountable; to strengthen the civil justice system through education; and to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in the legal profession.

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